This is just a small system I use to make a buck or two, I’d say it was more of a method than an actual system. There are two things that you must consider before playing this sytem:


  • Be willing to risk a bankroll of 70 units.
  • Be willing to play for a long period of time.

How to bet

We will be using a 70 unit bankroll which will be split into two 35 unit bankroll’s. The first will be the “plus money” and the second will be the “recovery money”.

“Plus money bankroll”

We will first use the plus money bankroll, the system is really simple, pick a number on the wheel and keep betting it for 35 spins.

It doesn’t matter what the number is, every number has exactly the same chance of hitting as any other number.

Bet one unit on this number every spin for 35 spins or until you win. If you win at any point in these 35 spins you have made a profit! The amount of profit depends on when the number hits, for example if the number hits on the 10th spin, you will profit 25x your bet since the payout on single numbers is 35 to 1.

If you lose all 35 spins, you then use the “recovery money”

“Recovery money”

You will now be using your second bankroll of 35 units purely to try and recover some of your losses. To do this you simply continue to bet your number for a further 35 spins.

For example if your number doesn’t hit for 35 spins and you go into recovery mode and then after 10 spins your number hits, you would now only be 10 units down. You would have recovered 25 units.

You then return to using your “Plus money” and can try to make a profit again. As you are now 10 units down, you subtract 10 from 35 to give you 25. This means we can play your number for a further 25 spins and if it hits within those 25 spins you will make a profit.

If it doesn’t hit in 25 spins you will have then lost all your “plus money” bankroll again and will need to go back into recovery mode.

Benefits of this system

  • You can stay at the table playing for a long time, the only way you could lose is if your chosen number does not hit for 70 consecutive spins.
  • Psychologically it is very reassuring when you get a hit early on and the huge stack of chips comes your way!
  • If you don’t win in the plus money stage, you always have a chance to recover and then go on to possibly still win.

Possible down sides of this system

  • If you go into recovery mode and lose, you will have lost 70 units.
  • You could end up playing for a long time and not make much profit or even lose.
  • There is no way to select a single number to bet on.

How I play

This is how I play this sytem, I simply start by betting on number 1, if this hits I then move on to betting number 2, then number 3 and so on.I try to get as far up the table as I can, I usually aim to go from number 1 to 12. It gives you a target to aim towards. In the past I have gone as far as number 22, pocketing a huge pile of high dollar chips!!

I can usually make a few hunderd dollars using this system. It has on occasion failed me but more than often I have won with it.