Make £500 a Day from Online Roulette

This system is now widespread on the internet and goes by many names including the one above.  The principle is very simple; it is believed that the random number generator in certain online casinos is flawed and follows a certain pattern to prove it’s fairness to casino players.  Whether this is true or not, the system is incredible at minimising the house edge of the casino and can provide great short term winnings in a short space of time.

Step by Step Instructions

Step oneWhere to Play?

  • You need to play at a casino that gives the chance to spin without betting.  The following casinos allow such bets.  Make sure you take advantage of the free bonus money – they allow you to play risk-free!
Casino Bonus Rating
Ladbrokes £50 – no deposit! *****
Eurogrand £1000 free bonus *****
Supro Casino £1200 free *****
888 Up to £888 free ***
English Harbour $800 deposit match For US Players!

Step two – The Strategy Explained

The Roulette table is divided into three sections as shown in the picture below:

  1. Low – numbers 1-12
  2. Medium – numbers 13-24
  3. High – numbers 25-36

Remembering our sections, we now refer to them as L, M and H.

  • Press SPIN on the roulette wheel (without betting!)
  • On a blank piece of paper, note the section in which the ball lands (L, M or H)
  • Press SPIN on the wheel again and note down L, M or H.
  • Keep doing this throughout the system.  Place 0 if the wheel hits zero
  • After a while your results will look something similar to H L M M H H M

Example Chart

1. 5.
10. 15.

  • We are waiting for a SPECIAL SEQUENCE – In other words, a sequence in which one section DOES NOT appear in FIVE consecutive spins.  So for example – L, M, H, H, M, M (L has not appeared in the last 5 spins).
  • When we have our critical number we start to bet on it.  So for the example given above, we bet on L.
  • We bet on L until it wins! To do this we use a special betting pattern, and continue to bet on L up to 11 times – we do not need to go further than this!  Use the betting pattern below – DO NOT STRAY FROM THIS BETTING PATTERN – and especially DO NOT double up your losing bet.  It is vital that you stick to this rule, or the system will not work in the long-run!
Bet Number Stake Money Earned
1 $1 +$2
2 $2 +$3
3 $3 +$2
4 $4 +$2
5 $6 +$2
6 $9 +$2
7 $13 +$1
8 $20 +$2
9 $30 +$2
10 $45 +$2
11 $67 +$1
  • As soon as you win, you must stop betting and continue to write down the sequences until you find the next special event.
  • The probability of not landing on one section (let’s say L) is 67.5% or 0.675.
  • The probability of the ball not landing on one section 11 times? 0.008%

We have conquered the house edge – and with a little patience and discipline, we can start to win regularly!  Remember, do not deviate from the betting strategy.  The money earned from each spin may seem low but we can get through hundreds of spins in an hour; so the money soon rolls in!!