Win £5 on Every Spin with the £5 a Spin System!

This is a fairly simple roulette system that tries to win £5 with every spin of the roulette wheel.  The system requires you to have a £325 bankroll to start:

  1. Cover 30 numbers with £25 in total (i.e. 6 half dozens with £5 each) Spin the wheel.  If you win then you win £5.  Keep going until you lose.
  2. If you lose, then cover 30 numbers with £10 each.  If you win then revert back to step one.
  3. If you lose, then the system ends.  You will lose eventually but you should have won enough to cover your losses by then!

Simple and Effective.  You can use the £5 a spin roulette system either online or one FOBT roulette machines in the bookies.