Tomb Raider slot game is a great video slots product from Microgaming. The Secret of the Sword is the latest edition of the popular Tomb Raider series that sees Lara Croft in all her 3D glory jumping, swinging and leaping around the screen as you play.

What is Tomb Raider, Secret of the Sword?

Tomb Raider slots is a great way to enjoy online slots games with the infamous character Lara Croft. The game offers free spins that contains bonuses and special never-been-seen before Tomb Raider symbols. In addition, the Global Adventure Bonus allows you to follow Lara Croft around in her one woman quest as she uncovers the truth behind the mystery that is the ancient sword.

What makes Tomb Raider different?

As well as enjoying all of the fun of the Tomb Raider video game, there is a great expected return percentage and a full 3D gaming platform that is both exciting to watch and play. You can see a video trailer of the game below. Simply click the link to open a new window.

Tomb Raider slots trailer

Where can I play Tomb Raider slots?

Like most Microgaming slot games, you can play Tomb Raider in a variety of online casinos. Make sure you pick a well-known casino with a good repuation and a great deposit bonus. The following casinos are recommended for this game:

Play online slots at Virgin Casino - Tomb Raider

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