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Thunderstruck is one of the most popular slot games on the internet, due primarily to it’s unique atmosphere but also a generous expected return of over 96%. Thast’s one of the best returns for an online slots casino. So, what is Thunderstruck and what is the hype all about? We aim to answer these questions here, so keep on reading!

What is Thunderstruck 2?

Thunderstruck is an online slots game, and the latest release from online casino software provider Microgaming. The game is a 5 reel system, and boasts a massive 243 different ways to win. This ensures you keep entertained as you try to master the world and master the game.

What is the theme?

Thunderstruck is a mysterious world, based around the theme of Nordic gods. Rather than a long winded description of the epic game, Microgaming have produced a wonderful cinema style trailer. To view, right click and press play.

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What makes Thunderstruck different?

The major difference between this and other online slots games is the introduction of a player achievement system. This can remember all of your past wins and thus allows for the pursuit of long-term awards. Your ultimate goal is to reach ‘Gold Status’ – through turning all of your other symbols into gold. Once this has been achieved, and you have a full gold paytable, then you can enter the Great Hall of Spins – the real destination for riches!

Where can I play Thunderstruck?

You can play at a variety of online casinos. Many offer a deposit bonus, so check this before you sign up and play. The following shows good, well respected casinos where Thunderstruck is available to play.

Play Thunderstuck online slots at Virgin Casino

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