This is probably the most popular slots strategy due to its simplicity. The strategy can be explained in just a few sentances, and can be used in pretty much any online casino around.

Round One

  • Spin – If you win then collect take your win and continue betting with the same stake.
  • If you lost your first spin then just add one more bet line to your slot. Move on to round two.

Round Two

Spin with your new increased bet size. If your spin wins then take the winnings and go back to round one (and start again with the original bet size).

If you lose then add another bed line and spin again.

If you lose again then add another line. You should continue to add lines until you win, or until the max number of lines has been reached.

If you’ve reached the max number of lines then you start to increase the coin value. Double your stake until you win.

That is the martingale slots strategy. As you can see, it is a simple strategy and can be played on most slot games. If your slots game is a single line game then increase your coin value when the bet loses. Your stake will always be returned as this progressive staking system ensures that your winnings will cover all of the previous loses. It can be a little scarey waiting though if you’re on a losing streak! Beware and be disciplied.

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