Cleopatra Slots is probably the most popular casino slot game in history. That sounds hard to believe but it has been enjoyed in land-based casinos for over a hundred years. Thankfully it has been replicated online so you can now enjoy it wherever you happen to be!


What is Cleopatra slots?

Cleopatra slots is an online video slots game. There are 20 different win lines giving you lots of different possible winning outcomes. Get a line win with the Wild Cleopatra and get double the value. There are also special bonuses to look out for, such as the Sphinx – giving you not only 15 spins, but winnings that are of triple the usual value.

What makes it different?

Cleopatra slots has a very unique vibe. There is a certain exotic flavour to the game, massively enhanced by the seductive voice of Cleopatra. The game is colourful and rather chilled out for a slot machine.

What is the theme?

As you may well guess, Cleopatra slots is based in Ancient Egypt. You can see the flavour of the game in the video clip below:


Where can I play Cleopatra Slot Machine?

There are many places to play Cleopatra Slots. The best bonus at present is with Virgin Casino, who are offering £100 free and loads of free spins!

Play Cleopatra II at Virgin Casino

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