Is it possible to cheat at online roulette?

This all depends on how you define the word cheat!  We believe that by using a well designed roulette system then you can effectively cheat at online roulette.  Whilst the sophistication of gaming technology means that you cannot actually cheat the software, you are gaining an advantage over the casino and your fellow players.


Where to cheat at online roulette?

Nearly all casinos use up to date unbreakable technology.  That said, certain systems work more effectively at certain casinos.  If you’re playing roulette in a traditional bookmakers on an FOBT roulette machine then we recommend trying out the Force the Zero strategy.  This has been sold around the world at various prices but you can now find it here absolutely free!  Alternatively we find that certain online casinos can be beaten using different systems.  Navigate to the top of the page to find your casino and the system that we believe works best.  As a general rule, however, all roulette systems found on this site can be used at any online casino of your choice.


I dont want to use a system.  How do I actually cheat?

Systems are the fairest way to cheat roulette, but if you want to take it a step further then you can purchase roulette sniping software for your mobile phone that records the speed of the spin at a casino and quickly predicts where the ball will land.  This is a very risky strategy however.  Firstly, you have to place your bet after the croupier has spun the wheel.  There is much scope to make a mistake.  Secondly, if you overcome the first problem then you will quickly arouse suspicion.  By consistently guessing the write number after the croupier has spun the wheel you will alert the casino authorities very quickly.  Remember, they are always watching!  We find the best way to get away with cheating is through the use of a roulette system at an online casino where you not be monitered by big scary security men!