Roulette System


What is a roulette system and why should I use one?

Many people play roulette without a system, enjoying the spontaneity of the game.  However, as losses begin to grow and the only thing consistency you find is a declining bankroll then you may decide to employ a roulette system to help your game.  The biggest benefit of using a system in my opinion is that it allows you to stay at the table for a longer period of time.  If you use it wisely, this may be a long period of winning but it can also be a prolonged period of misery – especially if you’re using a progressive staking system or you are not following the rules of the system properly!


Should I buy a roulette system?

The short answer is no!  Why buy one when you can get them all for free.  We have loads of free systems for you here at  Bookies Roulette, and there are plenty alternatives on our sister site How to Beat Roulette.  We take the best paid for systems and then re-write them all and give them out for free!  Not a bad deal for you guys I’m sure you’ll agree.


What type of system should I use?

We’ve split out systems into various categories depending on what you want from the game.  If you’re looking to make a quick buck then consider using one of the quick win roulette systems. They are a little risky but you can double or triple your bank in no time at all if you’re lucky.  If you’re looking for a long play at the casino, perhaps if you’re in Vegas or have a limited budget to last you for a night out then consider using a long-play roulette strategy.  It wont make you rich but  you’ll have a nice time!  If you’re a roulette enthusiast then perhaps a more complex roulette strategy is your thing.  These go into a lot of detail and require some brain power but they can be well worth it.  If you invest the time, you’ll get the rewards.  Finally, if you want to use a popular proven system then go for one of the top roulette systems.  These are consistently rated highly by our fans and usually give you a nice return on your stake.


Will I get rich from roulette?

It’s probably not a good idea to get carried away.  Roulette isn’t going to make you rich unless you take some extraordinary risks, or play a lot!  Roulette is a game and should be treated as such.  Only gamble with what you can afford to lose and don’t look at roulette as a way to get out of financial trouble.  If you play with the wrong mindset and chase your losses then you can lose a lot more than you bargained for.  Never play when you’re feeling angry or sad!


Can I use these systems in a real casino?

Sure, there is no reason why not.  Most casinos are happy for you to be obviously using a system because in the long term the roulette wheel cannot be beaten.  If you find that one particular system is working well for you then try and disguise the fact you’re using it as casinos don’t enjoy losing money!  Also, if you get caught then don’t say you got it from here :-)

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