This is a very simple but effective strategy for those who are looking to try something different their next time playing the roulette wheel. This is also great for those who have a low bankroll starting out and want to be able to play for awhile without going broke. With this strategy you can play without risking many chips at a time.

You can start out with only $7 – $10 and can be used for 2-3 sessions depending on the casino that you are currently playing at and their limits. This is basically bet for the extremely low tables that allow $.025 bets on the streets.  Keep track of the last number that hit and if the 0 happens to hit you will want to wait for a more appropriate number.

For your first bet you will want to play the double street that should contain the last number for a single chip which in this case would be $.25 value.

The double streets numbers include:

1 – 6

7 – 12

13 – 18

19 – 24

25 – 30

31 – 36

If your bet wins you will have a total of $1.25. You will want to continue with your original bet. For your 2nd bet you will want to play the double street numbers that hit on the last two spins for a single chip. If you win you will be +0.75 and continue as you did with bet #1.

For your 3rd bet you will want to play the double street numbers that have hit in the last three spins for a single chip or $.025. If your bet wins again you will lose 0 chips and proceed to bet #1 again.

For your 4th bet you will want to play the double street numbers that hit in the last four spins by placing two chips on each number. If your bet wins you will now be up +1.50 and go back to bet #1.

If you lose you will be down -$3.50 and have lost this session. If you have only lost one session you should start your second session from bet #1 again.

If you lost two of the sessions you should quit and move onto a new table. You will have made a profit even though its small so move on while you are ahead.

Also keep in mind that if the 0 hits after placing your 1st, 2nd or 3rd bet make sure to mark them down as a temporary loss on the 1, 2, or 3 chips so you can deduct them from the final score once your session has ended.

This strategy is based around betting small for minimal loss. Of course you can always bet more if you are feeling lucky.