During cycles in even money bets (i.e red/black), you can get a feel for what will happen next by looking at patterns.

We will be tracking 21 spins and recording results in lines of three, so we will have a total of seven lines for tracking. During this you will clearly see what is happening with the red and black, they will be making patterns that are very clear to see.

Below is a sample of the system to help explain it better, you will see that it is a really good system.


Track results in lines of three and note the dominant colour after each line e.g:


The three results were red, black, red. As there are two reds in this line, red is the dominant colour. You would now start a new line for the next 3 results.

Here is an example of real play:

BRR – Red
RRR – Red
RBR – Red
BRR – Red
BBB – Black
BBB – Black
RRB – Red

There we have our 21 tracking spins (7 lines).

If you look at only the dominant colours, you can see that they are streaking, as opposed to chopping and changing. Therefore we will be betting that the streak will continue so for the next line we will be betting that the dominant outcome will be RED.

To do this we simply bet red for three spins. Lets continue:

0RR – Red Here we win twice and lose once for an overall win of +1 unit. (put this in our bank)

BBR – Black We lost 1 unit, now we expect black to continue winning (streaks).
BBB – Black We win 3 units, we are now up 3 units, continue playing black…
BRR – Red We lost 1 unit because red dominated, if you see, the pattern is now RRBBR expect a red to show up next.

RBB – Black We lose another unit, still plus 1 unit, we are now in a chop and change phase, bet red next.

BRR – Red We win a unit, up 2 units, bet black now.
BRR – Red We lose a unit here and are now back to streaks, bet red.
RRR – Red We win 3 units and now we are up 4 units.

That is how the system works, bankroll required is around 5 units (flat betting) progression can be incorporated to enhance wins. Enjoy.