Roulette is a game of chance and it can be quite a challenge to beat it. I have found this system works the best out of all the systems I have tried.

When you start playing, you will play approximately 37 spins per session. I have found a player has more than a 50% chance of winning if they select only one number! This is because out of 37 numbers, on average 24 show up, that is almost 68 percent!

So, since I became fascinated with the idea of having a 68% chance of getting a hit, I developed a progression that would take care of 37 spins and show a very good profit if you got a hit within those spins.

How to play

The bankroll required for this game is 703 units.

Now I know you must be thinking this is crazy, but the truth is it really isn’t. I will first explain the game then I will even show you why it isn’t crazy.

You start by picking a number, any number will do. Now, you start by placing 1 unit on that number, ifyou lose, then you place 2 units on that number, then 3 etc up to 37. Seems simple doesn’t it? Well the truth is, it is really a simple system.

Now, when you get a hit, the profits are extremely generous. If you get a hit on the first bet, you gain 35 units! That is a lot for one chip! Now, if you lose, you bet 2 chips and your profit would be 35X2 = 70 – 1 chip (from previous bet) = 69 units profits!

Now you still may be thinking hey, this is still crazy, 703 chips? Well even if you get a hit at the end, you still get a huge profit,watch the calculations. The 37th bet is = 37X35 units = 1295 units made!! But wait, lets deduct our losses, it would be 703 chips – 37 = 666 chips lost. So what is our gain? 1295 chips -666 = 629chips! That is almost a 1:1 ratio of win to losses!

The chart below shows how much you will profit on each spin:

I have been playing this system for about 3 years now and it has been doing wonders for my life. I walk into a casino knowing that I will get that hit and when I do, I take a break. I then go and play one more time then leave.

I play 5-dollar chips and that is huge profits for me. The other day I won on the 20th bet and made 700 units – 190 units (lost to get to the 20th bet) = 510 unit gain! Now that is playing 5 dollar chips, so that is a lot of money! To be exact, that is 2550 dollars!

Well I have shared my most valuable secret with you, and remember you have a 68% chance of winning on one straight up number for 37 spins! Those odds are just about as good as betting on 2 dozens!

Well, enjoy this valuable idea because it can make you rich! Just to give you a feel for how this system works, below I have 37 numbers written out, before you take a look at them, pick a number and then try the system out:


A couple numbers I always like to keep in mind when choosing are 7, 36, 34, and 11 (but that is just me).


To make even more profits in just one session, you can play multiple numbers (the most I have ever played is 4 at a time, when I did this, I had 3 numbers that hit, but one didn’t which drove my profits down a little, but I still ended up). I was betting on numbers 14, 7, 35, and 0.

The 14 hit on the 6th spin

The 7 hit on the 26th spin

The zero hit on the 19th spin

The 35 had a loss of 703 units.

So let me total this out for you quickly (when I play this way, I only play one session, then quit for the day).

The 14 made a profit of 210 units – 15 = 195 units.

The 7 made a profit of 910 – 325 = 585 units.

The 0 made aprofit of 665 – 171 units = 494.

TOTAL PROFIT = 195 + 585 + 494 = 1274 units – 703 = 571 units profit!

It wasn’t a great day because I didn’t get all 4 numbers to hit, but I still made out like a bandit with $2855 (not bad). I was hoping that it would be a great day (i felt really lucky) and was hoping for 6 grand or more. O well, everything can’t be perfect.

Today I am still playing this system for my personal income, I gamble 3 times a week and make an average of about 5,000 dollars a week playing. I am experimenting now with some other games and when I make a breakthrough, I will inform you of it. I have had losing sessions but the winning ones always outweighs them.