The main idea of this system is to win large amounts of money in a short time period and then leave the casino as fast as possible. If u stay at the wheel for a long time, especially if you are winning you will attract a lot of attention from casino management. It is much better to have lots of smaller winning sessions than one big one.

How to bet

This system is based on the ‘law of the third’ that in a 37 spin cycle on average, 13.43 numbers will not appear, 13.8 numbers will appear once and roughly 10 will appear more than once.

  • You need to record the last 30 spins and then you will be betting on the numbers within those 30 spins that have hit twice.
  • You can use the last 15 spins if you want but I prefer to use the last 30.
  • Once you have a number that has hit twice within the last 30 spins you must start betting on it. You will bet one unit on that number every spin until it hits or until a new number has hit twice.
  • When you have two numbers that have hit twice in the last 30 spins, you bet them both but you now bet two units on each number. You then continue to
    bet both until you get a hit or a third number that has hit twice in the last 30 spins.
  • You would then bet all three numbers but with three units on each number. Continue like this adding a unit each time you get a new qualifying number.
  • Do not stop betting until you get a hit!!

As soon as you get a hit, wether you are in profit or not, stop betting and start a new session. If you are losing you can move to another table.

On average you will find you will be in profit in 82% of sessions. Other sessions will leave you with a small loss.

Money management


You will need a bankroll of between 300 – 800 units. I would recommend
an 800 unit bankroll for safety.

You will use two seperate bankrolls:

  • The initial bankroll, this is the money you bring with you to the casino and will be using to bet with
  • The bankstack, this is the money you win at the casino, you store this, don’t ever bet with this money, that way if you do lose a session, you won’t have lost your entire bankroll providing you have atleast one win.

REMEMBER don’t stop betting until you get a hit! Every session you start must be finished with a hit, this is the main mistake people make with this system.