You got to have guts, patience and a good bankroll for this system. Brandy is needed because of the three conditions.


The four numbers discarded are the last four numbers that have hit.

How to play

Wait patiently, playing virtually until one of the last four numbers hits again, i.e a virtual loss.

Now bet 2 units on all the numbers  (including the zero) except the numbers in the last five spins (four numbers really because one is a repeat).

For example if the last five spins were; 4, 12, 32, 6, 12, we would make a bet as shown below:

Chances are you will win most of the time, for the next spin you then make the same bet but now put 3 units on each number (use some of the casino’s money).

The first time you will win 4 units, the second time you will win 6 units for a total profit of 10 units.

Things are not always that easy, you could lose the first bet. It happens very rarely but one of the last four numbers could repeat again. If this does happen, bet 3 units per number on the next spin.

Could you believe that could happen one more time? Let’s say it does, in this case you would then bet 5 units per number on the next spin.

In most cases, you will win two times in a row without any of the last four numbers repeating. After you have won two bets in a row, go immediately to another table and start again.

The “long run” is what kills the casino player, after winning at the second table, you should cash out and go home for the day.

Occasionally you could try to win at a third table but NEVER more than 3 tables.

Do the same thing the next day at a different casino and again the day after at another casino.

Do not use a computer to test this system, as you know, you play no more than 10 spins a day. Testing on millions of simulation spins makes no sense. You can test the system in a real casino without money, do it for a few days in a row and see the real results. Test it on no more than 3 roulette tables a day.