This is a repeating number system. It isn’t the best system I’ve ever seen but if the numbers are repeating, you can win a lot!

The System

1st spin – watch, no bets.

2nd spin – bet on the number that came up on spin 1.

3rd spin – bet on the two numbers that came up on spin one and spin 2.

4th spin – bet on the three numbers that came up on the last 3 spins.

5th spin – bet on the four numbers that came up on the last 4 spins.

Continue as above untill you get to spin 13.

If a number repeats, you have won that series and start over again at spin 1.

If you reach spin 13 without a repeat you will now be betting on 12 numbers.

The progression

You will be using the following progression:

1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 6

E.G – for the first seven bets you will be betting one unit on each number.

For bets 8 and 9 you will be betting two units on each number.

For bet 10 you will be betting 3 units on each number.

For bet 11 you will be betting 4 units on each number.

And finally for bet 12 you will be betting 6 units on each number.

This gives a total of 208 units required for this method.

Some tips

  1. You do not have to bet the entire series, you can stop after bet 9 if you want with a loss of 62 units.
  2. If you are ahead and in profit then go for the entire 12 bets
  3. Set a target profit and maximum loss, say 500 units.

The author claims he plays this system as follows:

Using online casinos with a $1 minimum, his unit size is $1.

He deposits $62 into the casino.

Play the system to 9th bet.

If he loses, loss is only $62.

If winning, when his total bank reaches $162 he withdraws his initial $62 and continues to play on with the $100 profit.

He continues until he has won $200, at this point he withdraws $100 and continues.

Continue like this until target has been withdrawn ($500).