While the 3/2 Roulette System won’t increase your stack by much or send you home with a bag full of money it will allow you to play for hours on your bankroll without going broke. If you have been looking for a way to better your odds when you spin the roulette will you can do so by 2 – 1.
You will want to observe the full roulette table to view each of the individual columns. There are 12 columns on the table. The 1st column contains 6 black fields and 6 red fields, the 2nd column contains 8 black fields and 4 red fields, while the 3rd column contains 4 black numbers and 8 red. While placing bets on the black or red only pay even money the column bets will pay you 2 – 1.

If you choose to bet on red that will cover 18 of the numbers and place a bet in the center column you will also be covering 8 of the black numbers only leaving the 0, 00, and 10 black numbers that would be losing options.

You now have a total of 26 ways you can win versus the 12 that you would lose. You can sit at a low stakes table and wager 3-4 chips on the red and 2-3 on the center column. Regardless of which of your 26 numbers hit you will show some type of profit.

If one of your red numbers hit in the 1st or 3rd column you will win 3 for betting the red and only lose 2 on the specific column bet. If one of the 8 black numbers that you chose hits in the middle column you will collect a total of 4 for the column wager and only lose 3 for betting on red.  So either way you profit.

If you are lucky enough for a red number to hit in the center column you will collect in all aspects and profit completely losing nothing.