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A lot of people ask me why would I play roulette online?  I accept that to many people that roulette is a social game, to be played in a casino but it isn’t that strange to enjoy a nice game by yourself at home.  I can’t see it being worse than playing bingo!  The major benefits of playing online in my opinion are:

  • You can use a strategy without having to learn it off by heart
  • You can play at your own pace
  • You can play with a clear head and not get caught up in the excitement of the casino
  • You don’t continually drink alcohol and can make better judgements (the majority of big losses come from big drinkers)
  • You can record the spin history without anyone thinking your cheating (which you might be) or weird (which is equally possible)


Where to Play Roulette?

Finding a decent place to play roulette  can actually be quite difficult.  It’s not due to a lack of trust.  The majority of online casinos are pretty trustworthy but there are still definite advantages to playing somewhere that you’ve heard of.  As a general rule I tend to stick to places that have an offline presence too.  Most major bookmakers now offer casino games online, and due to the negative press they receive if they mess up they are all embroiled in a fierce competitive rise to high standards.  This isn’t necessarily the case with the lesser known online-only brands.  They’ll lure you in with promises of huge bonusses but you risk being disappointed when you find out just how difficult it is to withdraw your money!


What bonus should I be getting?

My advice is to not get caught up in looking for the biggest bonus.  A good no deposit bonus is a nice way to test out a place so look for one of these if you can get one.  Also, places offering no deposit bonuses are usually supremely confident that you’ll enjoy the experience so much that you’ll come back and deposit your own money.


What are deposit matches?

A deposit match is a bonus that matches your initial deposit.  Once you’re confident you’ve found the right casino then you should deposit a decent amount of cash and take advantage of the free money.  Obviously don’t deposit what you can’t afford!


What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements were originally brought in to protect the casino from bonus baggers.  A bonus bagger is someone that takes advantage of the free money on offer and withdraws all of their money, never having had the intention of enjoying the game and becoming a valued customer. Essentially, a wagering requirement states that you must play through your money at least 10 times before you are allowed to withdraw it.  However, with big bonuses come big wagering requirements.  If someone offers you £1000 free then take a look at how long it’ll take before you can get it back.  You could find yourself playing for weeks on end just to get back your original deposit.  Like all things online, some companies have just tried to take advantage.  This is just another reason why you should probably stick to someone you’ve heard of.


Is roulette legal?

In the UK roulette is completely legal, however there are restrictions in some US states so take a look at the law in your area before you try and play online.  The last thing you want is for your money to be seized.  Some casinos may be prepared to take your money but not give it back.


Can I play if i’m under 18?

No.  It will be possible to use your debit card to make a deposit and play roulette but when it comes to withdrawing your money it can become a real problem.  If you’re using a debit card then the casino will ask you for proof of your age.  If you can’t provide it then the casino will continue to let you play until you lose but you’re not going to get that money back.  A sneaky move from the casino, but it was sneaky of you to play if you’re underage!





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