10 Tips to Help you Win at Online Roulette

Here are 10 tips to help you to play online roulette and win more consistently.  There are many players that lose at roulette through ignorance and greed, don’t be one of them!

  1. Play European Roulette: European style roulette has a single 0, whereas the American game has both 0 and 00.  This means that the house edge is much higher.  If you want to give less money to the dealer then always opt for a European roulette table.
  2. Get Free Bonus Money: You should always shop around to get the best deals.  Due to the competitive nature of the online casino industry there are some huge bonuses to be found.  If you are a new player then consider a no deposit bonus.  If you are more experienced and bet with bigger stakes then look for a deposit match roulette bonus.
  3. Use a Roulette System or Strategy: Using a roulette system allows you to minimise the house edge and forces you to stick to your discipline.  Many players abandon their strategy if it goes badly, do not do this.  If you have a good system then it should be able to cope with losses.
  4. Keep Your Discipline: No matter how much you lose, do not chase losses!  This is the most common way to turn a bad day into a bad lifetime!  If you take a big loss then take a break and recover mentally from it.  Roulette is not a game for short tempered knee jerk reactions.
  5. Be in a Good Mood: The easiest way to rack up big losses if to play whilst unhappy, drunk or tired.  Do not play roulette to cheer you up.   Not only is this dangerous to your session, it is dangerous to your health.  If you are gambling to improve your mood then you may be developing a problem.
  6. Withdraw Your Money: Too often people sit on big wins and continue playing until their funds are all depleted.  This is why the casinos are confident that they will never lose.  Do yourself a favour and keep your hard earned winnings!
  7. Sensible Bets: Try to stay away from betting on individual numbers.  The payout can be huge but the likelihood of winning is very slim.  If you are betting on individual numbers then use your free roulette bonus money, not your real funds!
  8. Table Limits: Before you start playing roulette, especially if you are using a progressive staking system, check the table limits.  There is nothing worse than when your system tells you to bet £100 and the table limit is £50.
  9. Win Targets: Give yourself a win target and stop when you reach it.  The temptation is to keep playing and this is what the casino wants.  Once you’ve got your win, take advice point 6 and withdraw your money!
  10. Stop Before You Lose: Similarly, set a maximum loss for the day and stop when you reach it.  Do not chase your losses or continue playing until your bankroll is gone.  Sometimes you just have a bad day and your luck is out.  Walk away and come back another time…