The Wrangler strategy or “Wrangler march” slightly resembles the avant-dernier, the bet on the next to last spin. However the Wrangler march is much more effective because it encorporates a method to handle the deadly “series of 2″ which kills the avant-dernier.

How to bet

Using the Wrangler march you bet on the last outcome, red or black, and you continue to bet on the same one until you get two consecutive losses.

Once this has happened you then switch to betting on the opposite even chance.

There is only one exception to this, if you encounter the deadly “series of 2″( i.e red, red, black black) you continue to bet on the same chance for upto three consecutive losses rather than two.

Look at the example below:

As you can see, the first outcome is red, so we begin to bet red. We lose the first bet but continue to bet red as we don’t change untill we get two consecutive losses.

We win some bets and then we get two consecutive losses, we now switch to betting on black.

We get two consecutive losses on black BUT WE DO NOT SWITCH TO BET RED because it is part of the “series of 2″, as you can see it has gone black, black, red, red – the highlighted results show this.

We continue to bet black, if it lost again i.e three consecutive losses we would then switch to red.

Surely a good progression (for example the Guetting Progression) can be combined with this march. The inventor of this march made high profits in Monte Carlo in the nineteen thirties.

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