The Right Roulette System

This roulette system may come across as a bit odd but is used by several individuals and often works like a dream. There are many roulette systems available to choose from but this is the one that I have tried and have been successful with. When following this method you will only choose to play at tables where the dealer is using their right hand to spin the roulette wheel. The reasoning for this is many individuals who are right handed will produce more spins that land on even numbers. You should keep track of the last number to come up and place a bet on it including the 4 numbers beside it which should be two on each side. You should also bet the number directly opposite of your main number and the 4 around it. For example if you are playing a 00 and it hits you would then bet on 00, 17, 13, 27, 10 and on the opposite side you will bet on 0, 14, 28, and the number 9. You will wait for a strike and then place your bet on the next 2 spins that follows this. If you have no strikes you will wait until one does and then play the next 2 spins. If the strike happens during your betting just continue to play as normal until you have lost for two consecutive spins. Your target should be something like fifty per session and your total buy in or capital should be around 100 units. You should attempt to flat bet only which should end with your total bankroll being 500 units.

You should always play after a strike occurs because some dealers group their winning spins together and then the table wins may go cold for a period of 10 – 20 spins at a time. By using this tested roulette system on a single 0 wheel you can count on having a total advantage regardless of where you play. The variations for a roulette wheel that has 0 and 00 may be different.

You should ride out the winning streaks and then if you have a long period that you are losing you should get up and quit or move onto a new table starting your strategy all over again. Always be sure to practice and test any strategies that you are interested in using real money on.