This system is designed for BOTH the American and european roulette layouts.

We will be betting on the streets, A street being three numbers across the playing board which you can bet with one unit. The image below shows a chip on all 12 streets.

On the European layout,other than the standard streets, there are 2 others, which are: #’s 1,0 and 2 and #’s 2, 0 and 3.

On the American layout, other than the standard streets, there are 3 others, which are: #’s 1,0 and 2, #’s 2, 0 and 00, and #’s 2, 00 and 3.

How to play

Select the street you wish to play and play ONLY that street for your session. Start your session with the lowest monetary denomination unit allowed by the casino.


  • 1 unit for 11 spins
  • 2 units for 5 spins
  • 4 units for 6 spins
  • 8 units for 5 spins
  • 15 units for 6 spins
  • 30 units for for 5 spins
  • 60 units for 6 spins
  • 120 units for 5 spins.

Your usual win will appear where you are playing within the 4 or 8 unit wagers. After a win, start over with a 1 unit bet.

While I was playing,I use to start on one of my two favorite streets (#’s 16 or 19)–win a quick three times and go to another street,win another three times then go to another and keep this up until I had run the entire board.

Just a word about losing. Of course you can lose, it’s gambling–but this is the way I played so that you can NEVER lose more than you were willing to.

I would start my gambling day with a bankroll of the amount that I was willing to lose, if need be. As I played, all of my winnings (so to speak) would go into my left pocket,with my bankroll in my right pocket. If during the day, I started to lose,—I could never lose more than what was in my right pocket cause that was all the money I came to play with. There was always a tomorrow to start with another right pocket.

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