There are two different ways to play this sytem and also a method to combine both into one system.

First method

Start recording spins from a table, we are looking for numbers that hit three times within 30 spins.

You don’t have to wait untill the end of the 30 spin cycle, if a number hits 3 times within the first ten spins, then it is immediately qualified and you start betting on it.

You play a qualifiying number, flat betting one unit on it for 60 spins.

During this time other numbers may start to qualify, you must also start to bet on these numbers in the same way, one unit flat betting for 60 spins.

Reasoning behind system

The reason we play this way is because the numbers that hit frequently, i.e the “hot” numbers, tend to appear in cycles. They tend to hit several times, then drift away, then come back and start hitting again.

We are aiming to start playing on these “hot” numbers sooner rather than later, and capitalise on the periods where they are hitting frequently. We are hoping that as the number has appeared three times within 30 spins that it is a “hot” number and will continue to display the behaviour of a “hot” number with frequent hits.

By playing these numbers for 60 spins, we are allowing them a chance to drift slightly as we know they tend to do. Yet we will still be betting them for the time where they return and start to hit more frequently again.

I have researched the behaviour of “hot” and “cold” numbers and I have found that numbers which turn out to be “cold” numbers, don’t often hit three times within 30 spins. Therefore it is unlikely that we will get caught playing “cold” numbers too often.


Below is an example showing 120 spins.

During these spins 10 numbers qualified and were immediately played for 60 spins as soon as they qualified.

The results go from top to bottom

As you can see on spin 15, number 12 has appeared for the 3rd time, it has now qualified and we would begin betting on it.

At spin 23, number 31 also qualified, we now play both 12 and 31 at the same time. Any other number that qualifies we simply start betting on that aswell as all the previous numbers. Keep a note of each number however so you know how many times you have bet it and how many times it has won.

The results from the example above are:

Number 12  = won 75 units.
Number 31  = won 11 units.
Number 9    = lost 60 units.
Number 13  = won 35 units.
Number 23  = lost 20 spins.
Number 16  = won 53 units.
Number 26  = lost 42 units.
Number 8    = won 37 units.
Number 36  = lost 25 units.
Number 20  = lost 17 units.

Adding up the wins and losses gives a total profit of 47 units.

This was just an average example of what could happen, you will often get wins bigger than this.

To minmise on losses you can also quite playing at certain points even if you are still betting on some numbers.

You can quit when:

  • You have won more than 80 chips before the 80th spin
  • You have won more than 50 chips before the 110th spin.

Also if you are losing but then suddenly hit 4 or 5 times in less than 10 spins, you should play 2 or 3 more spins and then quit. You will probably lose this session but it will only be a small loss.

I would suggest a bankroll of 300 to 400 chips for this system but it depends on how you to choose to play and if you will be using the tips above to limit losses.

The second method

The second way to play this sytem is to record 120 spins and then bet on the “hottest” numbers.

Any number which has appeared more than 4 times in 120 spins is considered to be a “hot number” and we flat bet one unit on all these numbers for a further 30 spins.

The best way to play this is to know when to quit, we quit when:

  • If we are winning, quit at spin 30
  • If we have won more than 150 chips, quit
  • If we are losing more than 100 chips, keep betting till spin 30, but if at any time we recover the loses, quit
  • If we are losing less than 100 chips, keep betting till spin 30.

Remember also Only play a maximum of 10 numbers!


The example below shows the “hottest” numbers in 120 spins and how many times they hit:

16  –  8 times
0  –    7 times
6   –   7 times
34  –  6 times
36  –  6 times
17  –  5 times
15  –  4 times
7    –  4 times
4    –  3 times
21  –  3 times

In this example we would not play numbers 4 and 21 because they have only hit 3 times which isn’t alot in 120 spins. We would therefore be betting on the other 8 numbers. You only play 10 numbers if they have all hit atleast 4 times.

The combined method

This is simply a combination of the two methods, you play the first method first and stop on spin 120, then you play the second method.

You will notice that some numbers qualify for the second method that didn’t qualify for the first and vice versa. This is normal, just make sure you always play flat bets.

Sometimes it may take a while before you start to get any wins, if you are playing less than 3 numbers it can take anywhere between 10 – 40 spins to start winning. The majority of the wins come at the later stages around spin 100 that is why if you are lucky and get some big wins early on, you should quit and start over again.

The author says that he plays this system at the same casino and after a week of play he can tell which tables will be good for his system. He says there is never a bad table, just some unlucky nights.

Hope you enjoy and win lots like me!

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