This system is designed to take advantage of the random nature of roulette results.

The bet that you will be placing will always be determined by the previous two spins and their position on the wheel. The idea is to never cover the same area of the wheel that the last 2 numbers occupy.

How to bet

Use this diagram to help you calculate where to bet:

For example say the first spin is number 28 and the second spin is number 21.

  • Look at the diagram above and calculate the shortest distance between the two numbers.
  • Now find the halfway point between the two numbers. In this example it would be the zero.
  • Now go directly opposite the halfway point and whatever number that is will be your target number
  • You will place one unit on this number and one unit on the three numbers either side of this number. Therfore a total bet of 7 units.

In this example, the halfway point is zero, therefore the target number is number 5 as it is opposite the zero. We would therefore play number 5 and the three umbers either side of it, E.G we would bet on numbers 33, 16, 24, 5, 23, 8, 30.

In this example the shortest distance between the two numbers is 9 spaces, an odd number.

We therefore have a definitive halfway point, however if we have an even distance between the two spins, then the halfway point will rest between two numbers.

In this case just go opposite this point and you should still arrive at a target number.

For example if the first number was 14 and the second number was 29 we have an even number of spaces between them:

The halfway point is therfore between the numbers 9 and 22. Going directly opposite this gives us our target number which is 34.

We would therefore bet on numbers 2, 25, 17, 34, 6, 27, 13 for the next spin.

What if a number repeats?

If a number repeats, for example if the first number is 19 and then number 19 comes out again, we simply look directly opposite the number 19 for our target number. In that case number 33 would be the target number and we would bet on numbers 14, 20, 1, 33, 14, 24, 5.

What if there are two possible target numbers?

Sometimes going directly opposite the halfway point will put you inbetween two possible target numbers.  In this case simply just choose one of the numbers, over a long period of play these indecisions will have little difference to the overall results.

What is the shortest distance?

Sometimes it may not be obvious what the shortest distance between the two numbers is. Using a single zero wheel, as there is an odd amount of numbers, you will always have a shortest distance. Using numbers 5 and zero, the shortest distance is to the left (clockwise) and brings you to a halfway point at number 22. The target would then be number 34.

Your target number will change almost every spin depending on the distance between the last two numbers. Just make sure you calculate is accurately every spin and bet your 7 chips on the appropriate numbers.

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