The backbone of the HITMAN system is to take advantage of the repeatability of the croupier when playing a single zero wheel.

It is a known fact that because the croupiers are doing the same thing, i.e spinning the wheel and ball, over and over again, that the distance the ball travels from start to finish starts to become very similar for each spin. You will see this if you check out the last few results that a croupier has just spun.


If the ball was spun from the top of the wheel (around zero) and lands 180 degrees from where it started from, you will class this as having traveled half the wheel.

If the next two times the ball is spun in the same direction it travels half the wheel again, then we would make a bet on the next game.

We make a bet that it will travel half the wheel again (in the same direction).

How to bet

How you are going to bet is very simple. A lot of roulette methods can be very complicated and because most winners ultimately need luck on their side as well as skill, all we need to do is bet on 2 dozens.

If you examine where all the numbers are placed on the roulette wheel you will find that in the lower left corner of the wheel, from number 18 to 8, twelve out of the fourteen numbers fall into dozen one and two as shown below:

On the other side of the wheel from number 29 to 30, seventeen out of the twenty-three numbers fall into dozen one and three as shown below:


As an example. The ball is travelling clockwise, a quarter of the wheel further from where it is spun from, and the next spin of the ball it is going to be spun from number 30. Bet on dozens 1 and 2. If the ball had been travelling three quarters clockwise, then you would bet on dozens 1 and 3.

If you are betting with low value chips, it is possible to increase your bet should a loss occur, to recover the loss.

Basically, If you bet 2 x $5 chips (one on each dozen) and lose, your next bet should be 2 x $15 chips. If you lose that one, then you should increase the bet again to 2 x $45 bets. If you lose that one and can afford a bigger amount, then your next bet should increase to 2 x $135 bets.

To lose 4 times on the trot would be rare, but be careful to make sure the croupier is repeatable before playing. Two thirds of croupiers probably are not very repeatable, that is why you should only choose to play at a table where there is a good croupier. I normally play 2 x $100 bets when playing the HITMAN, but I do not increase it if I have a loss. When you play with bigger value chips you appreciate your wins more, so if you win your first 4 games you have got $400 profit. Not bad for a few minutes work.

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