Evolution Roulette System

When using this roulette method the ending result of profit is not actually determined by you as the player but your previous maximum losses. You will place fictitious expectations on your profit, for example 100 units, and then if you subtract 40 units during your game, your expectation of profits will lie in limit range of +60. Your expected profit will be reduced around this amount. If there is another subtraction of 30 units, the losses as a whole is -7-, your expectation of profit will be +30 units. The logic behind the game is implying that there should be no subtractions at all. Setting the goal of +100 units should give you 400 units total.

The game will consist of 3 stages:

1.You will bet on a dozen
2.Double your bet on the even chance
3.You will bet on twenty four numbers from 1 – 24 or from 13 – 36.

The scheme for a dozen bet is as follows:

Bet # – Units 1234567891011121314151617

The entire disposition will include 45 units. You should opt to play the numbers that are most frequently seen dozen ranging from the 1st or the 3rd. While the game is being played the dozen will be played motionlessly. Once you win from the dozen bet the amount of the prize and of the bet will be placed on the last coming “large” or “small” chances. If your next spin wins as well the prize amount then will be distributed on your appropriate ET-bet. During your first 4 dozen bets instead of having the ET-bet the betting will be on 2 dozens should be made due to the rest of the six units will not divide into 4. Only from sixth bet will this complexity be allowed to be eliminated. If all of your seventeen bets of the disposition lost, you will need to start from the first initial bet again.  If your dozen for the game was selected correctly then your system will sail a smooth course for the game.