This system was originally sold for $10000 dollars

It is a flat betting system on three numbers. Selection of these numbers is done through a strict mechanical set of rules. There are four ‘gates’ that we must pass through before a bet is placed.

Once you have passed through all four gates, you will be placing a bet on three numbers for a maximum of seven spins or until you get a hit, whichever comes first.

If you get a hit, you continue to bet your numbers until they stop hitting, at this point you stop.

This system requires alot of patience, getting through all four gates will take some time however once you are through, the bets are extremely profitable.

How to bet

Gate 1

To pass through gate 1 you must observe the last spins of the wheel.

You are looking for a group of four numbers within five spins, that are within 9 spaces of each other on the wheel.

We will call these numbers ‘neighbours

Use the diagram below to help:

For example, if the last five spins were:

3, 5, 14, 15 and 32

We would pass through gate 1 because four of the last five numbers are within 9 spaces of each other on the wheel. Number 14 isn’t close enough but it’s ok because we only need four out of five.

Gate 2

Now you take tha last number, in the example above this would be 32, and you look two spaces left of it and two spaces right of it on the wheel.

Using the diagram above you can see that the two numbers left of 32 are 17 and 5, the two numbers right of 32 are 20 and 7.

So now we have four more numbers 17, 5 , 20 and 7. Out of these four numbers we must now find one of them that HAS NOT hit within the last 10 spins BUT HAS HIT within the last 12 – 27 spins.

If one of these numbers meets this criteria then it is called an ‘original number’. This will be one of the three numbers we play if we pass through gate 4.

We can now move on to gate 3.

Gate 3

Now we have our ‘original number’ we must check that our ‘neighbour’ numbers from gate 1 (i.e 3, 5, 15 and 32) are all within four space left or right of this original number on the wheel.

If they are, we can pass through gate 3.

Gate 4

We must now look over our past spins.

Look 8 spins before the ‘original number’ and 8 spins after it. We are trying to find 2 more numbers that:

  • Has shown in the last eight spins
  • Are within eight spins of each other
  • Are within eight spins of the original number
  • Are within four spaces left or four spaces right of the original number on the wheel

Once we have found these two numbers know as ‘runners’ we have passed through all 4 gates!

We will now skip one spin and then bet on the ‘original number’ and the ‘runners’ for a total bet on three numbers.


Money managment

Remember that this is a flat bet system, you will be betting these three numbers straight up now for seven spins or until you get a hit, whichever comes first.

You must place one chip on each of the runners and TWO chips on the original number.

After testing over 500,000 real spins, putting two units on the original number has proven to greatly increase the profit potential of this system.

If you win, you must then wait 11 spins before starting all over again.

What if you lose?

If you lose you must wait 40 spins before starting again on the same wheel.

The only exception to this would be if, during these 40 spins, you see a bet that would have won had you been playing it.

In this case you can start betting again on the next set of numbers that qualify.

If you lose twice in a row, wait 20 spins and then start again. If you get a win now, you only have to wait 7 spins before starting again rather than the normal 11 spins.

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