Three Systems created by an Aged Pro

While these systems aren’t that special it’s about your money management that will make it successful. There are several ways to bet when playing roulette. You can bet on single numbers, 3 number lines, splits, 4 number quads, 12 number 1/3’s, 6 number line, 12 number columns,  5 number, 18 number (black, red, even, odd, high/low). Basically it boils down to how risky you want to play and bet. What type of recovery ratio is important or acceptable to you?

If you are looking for a betting strategy that offers less risk you will want to bet 35 numbers but then the recover tactic will be to win 35 consecutive times in a row if you lose a single time.  If you are looking to take a high risk with a potential high pay bet only one single number at a time. For most individuals however there are betting strategies that are preferred which is a medium between the low risk and the high risk that can also pay off for them.

Systems should not be pushed onto anyone who prefers their own strategy because nothing is full proof and being at the wrong table at the wrong time can cause you to leave a loser while you may also go home with an 80% return. The point behind my strategies is not they are unique or special but how I utilize them to normally bet on 63% of the numbers and often earn a 50% return rate. Banks don’t even give you this type of return so for many a 50% return rate is acceptable. It means that you will need to win 2 times in order to recoup the losing bet.

One simple way is to cover 4 lines of the numbers which makes up a large portion of the board. You are going to win of any of the teens, 20s, or 30s hit which gives you a 75% of winning with each spin. You then only lose ½ of your outside bet if any have been placed. Many individuals will choose to place a bet on one of the outside options such as the number columns.
You will want to increase your bets such as 3 or 6 chips then 3 chips and 9 chops. Often you will see either the center numbers or high numbers come out often with the 0 & 00 coming out only 2 times the entire game I played. It’s also recommended to ride out streaks as well. If you are hitting then ride it out or avoid things that seem to be losing.

The 2nd system is to only place 3 line bets such as 25,26,27,28,29,30 and 7,8,9,10,11,12, and lastly 0,00,1,2,3. This also covers a large portion of the roulette wheel increasing your chances of winning more often.  Again the thing to keep in mind here is your money management. You may know where to properly bet but just not how to. You will need to learn how to increase or decrease at the appropriate time. You can choose to add in another line of six numbers which would mean you are covering 23 numbers and covering right at 60% of the wheel. If for some reason your 4 line bet does win you will earn a 300% return.

The last system recommended is to bet of $5 on a 6 number line including the last winning number that hit. If you hit you will win $6 chips and if you lose always bet $5 on each of the last 2 lines that have won on the wheel. If you win then you have 5 chips and if you lose you should bet $10 or 2 chips on each of the last 3 lines that hold the last 3 winning numbers that hit. If you win on this one you will double your bet but if you lose then bet $25 on the last four lines that won. You will still receive a profit if you hit. If for some reason you still lose then start over again or move onto a new table.