Long Play Roulette Systems


If you’ve got time on your hands and a limited budget then you should consider using a long-play strategy.  These are designed for a long stint at the roulette table.  If you’re playing in a land based casino or if you’re a frugal player then you can use these systems to play a prolonged game.  Granted you’ll accumulate winnings at a much slower rate than with a quick win or top system, but your level of risk will also be much lower.  Long play systems tend to be more complex and comprehensively written than shorter, more risky systems so make sure you read the system thoroughly and completely understand it before you start playing.  It is recommended that you try out the system in free play at an online casino first so that you’ll be confident using it in a real casino.  You don’t want to be standing at a table in Vegas refering to your printed sheet every spin.  Not only will everyone around find you annoying, you’ll likely be thrown out of the casino when you start to win!


We recommend the Frugal roulette system if you are looking for a really long session, or the Shepherd, Zero Tolerance or Hitman are equally effective for a long play at the roulette table.