Win Today at Roulette

The first thing you will want to do before ever reading and practicing a roulette system is to forget what you think you actually know about the game.  Once you have done that follow these rules to better your game and increase your earnings over time.

Step #1: – Grab a note pad, quarter, and a pencil. (Will discuss the purpose of the quarter in a bit.)

Step #2 – Remove the numbers found on the wheel and your table for a few minutes.

Step #3 – On a roulette wheel you will find an area that is known as the outside bets. The outside bets consist of Odd/Even Numbers, Red/Black Numbers, and Hi/Low Numbers.

Step #4 – If you place a bet on the outside bets you will win even money if you win so if you bet $10 you will win an additional $10.

Step #5 – You will want to stay away from the inner table bets because this is how you often lose your stack. While this system may seem boring its effective and you will win more often.

Step #6 – You will want to jot down the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on your pad of paper.

Step #7- Now take the 2 outside numbers, 1 – 3, >1 2 3<. Which you should add to four and then place a bet on one of the outside bets in the amount of $4. Remember the outside bets to choose from is the Red/Black, Hi/Low, or Odd & Even.

Step #8- When the ball spins on the roulette wheel and it lands on 20 black you will win $4 for having it on black. Now you will want to cross out the numbers on hi notepad.

Step #9 – Now only our notepad you should only be showing >2< which would give you your next bet at $2.

Step #10 – Now when the wheel spins this time you have chosen to play red and it hits. You will win exactly $2. S far you have made a total of $6 and should cross out the two on your notepad and start from scratch again.

Steps #11- Now jot down the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on your notepad. You will bet 1+3 on the outside numbers. >1 – 2 -3<

Step #12 – You will now place a bet of $4 on the Hi Numbers area. When the roulette wheel spins the number 7 red comes up and you will lose. You will write down the number four next to your other three numbers. Once you have added it to your notepad you should see 1 – 2- 3 -4. So 1+4 >1 -2 -3 – 4< which equals 4 so your next bet amount will be $5.  This spin you will chose an even number and you win. Take off the > 1 4< and only play the >2 3<. You should place a $5 bet on the red section. Again the wheel spins and lands on red which means you win. Take off the remaining numbers >2 3< and start over again.

Once you have taken all of the numbers off of your list you should profit $6 and add it to your next number. You always have a 50% chance of winning on the outside bets such as Hi/Low Numbers, Red/Black Numbers, and Odd/Even Numbers. Occasionally you will lose when the 0 or 00 hits.

Now so we don’t forget about the quarter use it to practice. The heads is black and the tails are red. Overall this system only uses the outside bet to build your stack. Follow the directions and you will watch as your capital grows over time.