The “pivot” number is a repeating number.

Write down results and the first number that repeats will be your “pivot number”

We will then be betting on that pivot number in various ways for a total of 36 spins.

The rules

We have six levels of betting:

Level 1 =  Bet 1 time      1 Unit    on High or Low
Level 2 =  Bet 1 time      1 Unit    on a dozen
Level 3 =  Bet 3 times    1 Unit    on a double street
Level 4 =  Bet 6 times    1 Unit    on a street
Level 5 =  Bet 6 times    1 Unit    on a split
Level 6 =  Bet 19 times  1 Unit    on The Pivot Number

We start at level 1, if we lose we move to the next level, if at anytime we win, we go back to level 1 and start over. If we lose all six levels, we look for a new pivot number.


If we had spins: 5, 20, 18, 36, 31, 27, 8, 1, 31

31 is the first repeat and is our pivot number, all bets will be based around this pivot number.

Level 1

We will be betting 1 unit on high for 1 spin as 31 is a high number:

Level 2

We will be betting 1 unit on the 3rd dozen for 1 spin as number 31 is in the 3rd dozen:

Level 3

We will be betting 1 unit on the double street that number 31 is in. As you can see there are two possible double streets that could be played either (28 – 33) or (31 – 36). In cases like this you should always play the double street where the pivot number is the LOWEST number if possible. We therefore play double street (31 – 36) for 3 spins:

Level 4

We will be betting the three number street that number 31 is in for 6 spins:

Level 5

We will be betting the two number split that number 31 is in. There are three possible splits for number 31, some numbers have four! For number 31 the options are, (31,32), (28,31) and (31,34).

You should always bet the pivot number and the number to the right of it if possible, in this case we would therefore bet the split (31,34) for 6 spins:

Level 6

We will be betting on the pivot number straight up for 19 spins:

Remember a win at any stage and we return to level 1. If we lose all six levels (36 spins in a row) we look for a new pivot number.

The payouts at each level are as follows:

Level 1 pays         1 to 1
Level 2 pays        2 to 1
Level 3 pays        5 to 1
Level 4 pays      11 to 1
Level 5 pays      17 to 1
Level 6 pays      35 to 1

The only way you can lose money is if you lose all 6 levels, in which case you would only lose 36 units.

With this in mind I would recommend a bankroll of 360 units to give you enough to cover 10 sessions.

Valididty of system

On average in 36 spins, only 24 numbers will show up and there will be 12 repeats.

These repeats could be repeats of 12 seperate numbers but it is more likely that some numbers will hit three or more times. This is proven on thousands of spins including computer generated random numbers and is mathematically sound.

It is the theory of uneven ditribution. In a short period such as 36 spins, not all numbers will show up but over a larger period such as millions of spins, the numbers will even out and each number will appear the same amount of times.

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