Shower roulette showed a profit of roughly $12,000 within 15 games during inital testing.

Due to tampering of wheels and possible ball changes, you should aim to get to the casino as early as possible in order to maximise the time you have to ‘jump’ on the good numbers while they are on good runs.

The rules

  • You must record 60 spins on 4 different tables, doing this atleast one of the tables should qualify
  • Use the diagram below, as the numbers come out place a dot next to the number.

Select one of the wheels based on the following criteria:

  • Must have a group of atleast four numbers next to each other on the wheel have hit atleast two times.
  • This group of numbers must be immediately bordered on either side by a number that has only been hit once.
  • It doesn’t have to be a group of four numbers, it could five, six, seven etc but it must be a minimum of four numbers
  • There may be more than one group on a wheel that qualifies, in this case bet both groups
  • DO NOT select a table where there are more than two qualifying groups
  • Each group must include atleast one number that has hit a MINIMUM of 3 times
  • A group of 6 or 7 numbers must have at least THREE numbers that have hit 3 times.
  • A group of 8 or 9 numbers must have at least FOUR numbers that have hit 3 times.

Once you have a qualifying group or groups, bet them for 30 spins.

An example of a qualifying section is shown below:

Money management

  • DO NOT bet for more than 30 spins. This is because if you are betting 4 numbers, and they all hit just once, you will still make a profit.
  • Put anything you win back into your bankroll
  • If you want to play with £5 chips, start with a bankroll of £500 and a backup bankroll of £500.
  • When you reach a point where you have doubled your bankroll, you should double your unit size. For example if you were betting £5 chips, you should now bet £10 chips. If your bankroll drops then go back to £5 chips.

Test results

This sytem has only failed once, in this game we were betting a four number group and none of the numbers hit. This resulted in a 120 unit loss.

The biggest win was in a game where an 8 number group qualified. It went on to hit 14 times giving a profit of 264 units.

The biggest winning run was £10,500 profit in just 8 games.

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