This method is a classical type of parlay bet. A parlay bet is when you leave your winnings from the last spin on the table for the next spin, therefore winning more and more units each time your bet wins. Besides the parlay bet, this system also requires an addition to the winnings left on the table.

The main feature of this method is that it gives a lot of possibilities for individual development. You can make it the base of a big game but its structure also allows it to be used for a small, modest game where you are only aiming for a profit of around 15 – 20 units.

The system

Bet on the three even chances simultaneously but with three seperate banks. One bank for each even chance.

This is how to bet:

  • 1st spin – bet one unit, if you win one unit is gained
  • 2nd spin – bet the two units still on the table PLUS one more unit for a total of three units, if you win six units are gained.
  • 3rd spin – bet the six units still on the table PLUS one more unit for a total of 7 units, if you win 14 units are gained.

After this we start again with the first bet of one unit. As you can see you only need to win 3 bets in a row for a profit of 14 units and you have only risked 3 units of your own money!

Play this exactly the same on all three even chances at the same time eg red/black, high/low and odd/even.

If at any stage a bet loses, just simply start over again at the one unit bet for that particular even chance.

If you lose more than 20 units, all the bets should be doubled eg:

  • 1st spin – bet 2 units
  • 2nd spin- bet 6 units
  • 3rd spin – bet 14 units

If you continue to lose 20 more units, double all the bets again! Therefore the 1st spin in this case would be 4 units.

Once your bankroll is back to where you started, drop back down to the inital stakes e.g one unit on the 1st spin.

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