This system consists of two seperate bets.

Bet 1

3 units on Black, 1 unit on column 1 and 1 unit on column 2, as shown below:

Bet 2

3 units on Red, 1 unit on column1 and 1 unit on column 3, as shown below:

The idea is to get a hit on a colour and a column at the same time, as column 2 has more black numbers than column 3, we bet column 2 with black. Column 3 has more red numbers than column 2 so we bet column 3 with red.

How to play

Follow the last colour. Therefore if the last colour was Black, we would play bet 1. If the last colour was Red we would play bet 2.

Whatever bet you start with, you stick with that bet until you get 2 ‘total losses’. A total loss is when neither the colour or the columns hit, resulting in a loss of 5 units. These losses don’t have to be consecutive, you just continue to play until you have had a total of two ‘total losses’.

When you have had two total losses you need to assess your bankroll:

  • If after the second loss your bankroll is higher than when you started, then simply switch bets and continue.
  • If after your second loss your bankroll is lower than when you started, you switch bets and increase the size of the units. You will now be betting 6 units on the colour and 2 units on each of the columns.

Continue this way until you get back to within 2 units of your starting bankroll, at this point you can drop back down to 3 units on the colour and 1 unit on each column.

You should aim to stop when either you win +100 units or when you lose -100 units.


You should play this system on a single zero wheel with en prison rules. If you can, use a no zero table for best results.

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